You’ll now be able to benefit from the beauty of delilah cosmetics when you experience a make over or shop at Acresfield Health Club & Spa. Our team have spent the past few months working behind the scenes to launch this fantastic new product range.

We’re kicking things off with an exclusive one to one make up event. You can learn more about it on our Facebook page.

About delilah

Delilah cosmetics is a boutique British brand created by the experience and skills of Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicolson and Juliet White.

Together they have crafted a brand of make up that’s English to the core. There’s Britannia Metal used to create the packaging, and crown gold accents featured across the entire line. Crown gold not only sounds and looks stunning, it was in fact ordered by Henry VIII to become the new sovereign gold. What’s more, the brand’s chosen representative is a rose. How quaint!

Why choose delilah?

At Acresfield we want products that help women of all ages look and feel beautiful. This is exactly what Delilah is about. Stockists are carefully selected. You’ll find products in Harvey Nicolas and mentioned in leading magazines and publications like Vogue and Elle.

Featured throughout the range are properties such as SPFs, vitamins A and E, natural ingredients and antioxidants. Together these provide long lasting protection against the elements, and signs of ageing, as well as a professional finish.

To find out more, why not join us inside the spa to see our newest addition?