When Sophie Ward discovered she had chronic Lyme Disease she learnt first hand that the debilitating effects can turn lives upside down. Yet many sufferers are left feeling alone and unheard.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease can be contracted by people who are bitten by ticks carrying the infection. While most tick bites are harmless, an infected tick can lead to symptoms of a large rash, tiredness, headaches and a temperature. Symptoms can be long lasting and include chronic fatigue syndrome. More information can be found on the NHS website, including advice on getting treatment.

The illness is not a commonly understood, which can lead to many sufferers feeling ignored and invisible. Lymes Disease UK and Invisiyouth work to increase public knowledge and acceptance of it. Not only do public attitudes need to be changed but the Government’s. Fundraising is therefore needed to aid research, and boost support.

Sophie is the daughter of Michael and Julie Ward, owners of Acresfield Health Club & Spa.

Since contracting the illness, Sophie has been fighting for change, including better awareness of how to protect against it. She is a brand leader for Invisiyouth UK, who work to give young adults and youths suffering from such devastating symptoms a voice.

Support our fundraising

In order to fundraise for and boost awareness of Lyme Disease, the team at Acresfield organised a 5K charity walk. The walk took place on July 15 in the summer sunshine. An enthusiastic gathering took up the challenge and raised £301.

You can help raise money for Lyme disease UK and Invisiyouth, by visiting our just giving page.