If you’re anything like me, you probably find it really hard to work out without having music. I could never do a workout in silence, it just can’t be done. Most people I know have music to push them though the workout. That one absolute tune really boosts you to JUST DO IT!

I think it’s definitely worth including music in your workout, and here are a few reasons why:

Music can have a positive effect on your workout

Your favourite tunes can help get you in the zone! Music can put you in that feel good mood, which will push you to start your workout even if you aren’t feeling motivated. We all have those days when the sofa looks great, especially if you feel tired or have had a bad day at work. Stop right there whack the tunes on and feel awesome, feel motivated to go to the gym. If you have a favourite power song or you like a good beat to get you up and moving, music can be the make or break of getting up and going to the gym. Upbeat music can make you feel happier and more positive.

Music can help you keep pace

The beat is like a wave to the brain, which helps you to maintain a rhythm. That’s why you find yourself tapping to the beat. It’s best to choose playlists that suit the type of workout you plan on doing. Having a playlist of upbeat songs is great for high-intensity, cardiovascular workouts. You’ll probably find it easier to get into a rhythm if the music can be timed with movement!

Music can help you work harder

The outcome of your work out can depend on the music you listen to. You can get carried away with listening to your power song. Before you know it you have done extra reps without realising it. Music is absolutely awesome for pushing past mental barriers, so you can give it all you got during a workout.

Music can be used for cool down and relaxing too

Using music as part of your recovery is definitely beneficial. Listening to slower chilled out tunes after your workout can help your body to calm down and relax. Playing acoustic versions of your favourite songs, or even yoga/meditation songs that are much slower in tempo, can help to clear your mind, so you can focus on your rehabilitation.
Having the right music that makes you feel uplifted and motivated is important. It has a positive effect on you when you work out. Making a playlist to suit you and your style of training will make your workouts better.

By Alice Peat from Acresfield

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