What is Shades EQ?

The Hair Studio team at Acresfield are having a Launch Party to promote the newest addition to their range – Shades EQ by Redken.

Such is the success of the introductory offer, it’s been extended until October 26th. It features:

  • Free consultation
  • Shades EQ conditioning gloss at an additional £10 on your colour service
  • Buy a colour extend shampoo and conditioner £20

To help you discover all you need to know about this exciting new conditioning colour gloss, Cat from the team is here to explain the details on Shades EQ and how it can help you get the latest look.

Hair colour that thinks it’s a conditioner!

Shades EQ is a high shine equalising conditioning colour gloss used to give you instant shine, perfect tone, refresh and correct hair without lightening. It can be used alone, as a refresh to your colour or just to add tone and shine as an add on to your normal colour appointment.  Shades EQ will cover up to 50% grey and last up to 20 washes. 

Don’t like those yellow brassy blonde tones in your hair? Then shades EQ is perfect for you! It will help to clear out that brassy colour and give you a more clean and ashy blonde. 

Don’t want any colour on your hair? Then why not just have the gloss? This can be done as part of a blow dry service and leave you walking out the Hair Studio with soft and shiny hair… Perfect for a night out!

Want a subtle twist on your usual blonde hair? Then why not try the pastel shades in oft pink, pale peach, icy blue and grass-like green.

Love your greys? Shades EQ silvers give you the chance to enhance your natural colour for the ultimate silver looks.

By Catherine Whiteside from Acresfield


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