There are many reasons why lifting weights can benefit your life. In this post I’m going to share three advantages that will get you itching to lift some iron.

1. Lower body fat by lifting weights

Lose fat lifting weights… But how? Lifting weights will stimulate your muscles to grow. With more muscle comes a faster Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which in turn means you’ll be burning more calories daily.

Fat does not take up energy sitting on your body, so once it’s there it will not budge until it’s required as an energy source. Skeletal muscle tissue is an active tissue, it is called this because to maintain itself it needs energy. Your muscles will use approximately 30 to 60 calories each day just to sit on your body, this is why lifting weights is great for losing fat and can completely change your body composition over time.

2. Gain strength by weight lifting

Resistance training is a fantastic way to up your strength. Following a weight training plan consistently will do wonders for your overall strength. In turn, it makes everyday activities easier and increases your physical work capacity. Daily jobs will feel much easier and your fatigue will be reduced.

Lifting weights isn’t just great for increasing the strength of your muscles, it also increases the strength of connective tissue, tendons and bones. With all this comes a much tougher body and reduced risk of injury.

3. Weight lifting improves your mood

You may have heard people say that “exercise releases endorphins” but what actually are endorphins and what do they do you might ask?

In a nut shell, they are neurotransmitters that can improve your mood, help to reduce depression and prevent pain. Endorphins are produced throughout your body and are requested by the hypothalamus (the command and control centre of the endocrine system) when triggered. One of those triggers being exercise. Although you’ll have to work hard to elicit a response. Heavy weightlifting or intense aerobic activity that include periods of sprinting or increased exertion will trigger the greatest response.

Endorphins stimulate the mind, this improves alertness and boosts energy. That early morning workout session might not be a bad idea after all.

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By Anthony from Acresfield