Pump and Tone and Abs and Core on Wednesday evenings are now being instructed permanently by Danielle Joyce.

What is Pump and Tone?

Pump and Tone is a 60 minute strength based barbell exercise class that’s set to music. This class is suitable for all ability levels. It’s great for anyone who wants to increase strength, improve muscle tone and promote good posture. It’s also an excellent calorie burner at approximately 500 to 600 calories worked off per class. If you’re looking to introduce weight training into your routine in a fun and unintimidating way, then look no further. 

What is Abs and Core?

Abs and Core is a 30 minute class targeting your abdominals and surrounding muscles that are defined as the core muscles. In this class you will be working through different planes of movement focusing on your core. Having a strong core is extremely beneficial for many reasons, for one it can reduce your chances of injury, help to keep you safe during everyday activities and great for improving overall posture.