A community opens doors to support networks, motivation from peers and sharing experiences.   We are social creatures and many of us like to feel part of something. To feel a sense of belonging.

Everyone’s health and fitness journey is individual, fitness goals are a personal thing. But we are all in it together.

Our community 

Our community is so diverse, it’s important to us to make our members feel valued. Classes are great at getting people together, supporting and encouraging one another. Most who attend the classes have similar goals. Many of our members stay behind after the class for a brew and a catch up. Everyone feels included and it brings a positive atmosphere week in, week out.


It’s not just in person that community matters, online support is important. Those who are away, on holiday, sickness or just can’t make it, our community reaches them though online support posts and the website. This makes everyone feel included and keeps them up to date with any changes and upcoming events.

Influence on the members

Members feel included, regular attendance leads to friendships being built. Following that our members feel part of a support network. Many of our regular members have good friendships with one another and it shows throughout the whole club, it’s a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

We are in it together

Our team work together to create an inclusive, relaxing and positive environment for all who visit.

Having a positive and supportive community is important for every individual. Everyone is working towards a fitness or wellness goal working together knowing there are like-minded people around inspires you to keep up with your goal and strive to be the best you can be.

Written by Alice Peat from the Fitness Team