Valentine’s Day is considered a time to take care of someone special. We think it’s the perfect time to focus on and love yourself (too).

Over the harsh winter months the bleak weather, long dark days and overall busyness of life can take its toll on your mind and body. 

Here’s how to take care of you

Your Home

Your home should be a retreat. Make it a space you long for. Thanks to Marie Kondo and her expert trend for tidying up, enjoying your living space has never been more fashionable. Spark joy by adding welcoming fragrances into your hallway, bedroom, bathroom and relaxation areas with Allumi candles. This exquisite collection comes in Purity, Energize and Zen to both match and transform your mood. Find out more in our blog. 

Your Skin

Veganuary, Dry January and so on. There are many ways to think about what you put into your body but what about what goes onto your skin? Delilah cosmetics was hand selected to be made available at Acresfield with this in mind. Among the gorgeous reasons to choose this boutique British make up range is the fact that it’s designed to care for and be gentle to your skin. 

Your Hair

There’s no effort on your part required when in comes to achieving great hair. All you need to do is come into the Hair Studio and take a seat! Our must-meet Stylists have done some incredible work, and many examples can be seen on Facebook and Instagram. Follow our team using the hashtags #BecciAcresfieldHair and #CatherineAcresfieldHair. 

Your Body

Unwind and indulge at the Spa. Head to toe treatments are available but we really want you to be able to escape. That’s why we’ve created ‘Do No Disturb’ a chance for you to have your own private space to be pampered and at peace. This massage special is just £39.

Know someone who deserves a treat?

Gift Vouchers by Acresfield can be used at the Hair Studio and Spa. Perfect for gifts, a way to say thank you or simply treat someone that you know. Vouchers can be bought online or at Reception. 

For information on any of the above products or treatments, including bookings, please call 01995 604975. We look forward to taking care of you. Happy February!