“This is the year I’m going to do better.” Does this sound like something you said in January? How are you getting on now? At Acresfield we truly believe in the benefits of good health for your mind and body. Yet we also know that achieving better health can be easier said than done. Especially once motivation begins to wane and the energy of the new year ebbs away.

But never fear. February is Motivation Month at Acresfield. For the next 27 days we’ll be bringing you help in the form of blogs, health checks at Reception, reminders and tips to keep you on track for 2019. 

Health Checks

Throughout this month we’ll be continuing to offer Club Members free blood pressure and fat health checks. Knowing and understanding about your body is important to your health. Anthony from the Fitness Team explains the facts about blood pressure in his blog. 

Keep an eye out

As well as regular motivational blogs throughout the month, we’ll be placing tips in the Gym. Share them with friends or take a photo on your phone as a reminder and leave the card at the gym for someone else to find. Can you spot them all? 

Personal Training

Our team of personal trainers are here to help you create and meet your goals. A personal trainer will provide you with a professional assessment of your fitness needs, with realistic and safe goals that are tailored to your body to get you moving in a healthy way. 

Reward your efforts rightly

Food is often used as a reward for meeting goals. But when it comes to your health this can ironically be an unhealthy and unhelpful choice. While treats are fine occasionally they are as the name suggest treats. An alternative way to celebrate is to continue to look after your body. Go on a walk, buy a new outfit. Take time out to relax with a Spa Treatment or new look at our Hair Studio.