If you’ve been hitting the Gym at Acresfield this month then you may have already taken note of some of our handy tips to keep you moving and feeling great. We’ve sourced a range of tips and reminders that are quick to read and remember. Why not write your favourites down?

Here’s the complete list of motivational tips

  1. Drinking at least five cups of green tea a day is thought to help aid weight loss.
  2. We’ve all heard it before but stay hydrated. It will help you work harder. We explain why in this blog. 
  3. Try a new exercise class this week to keep your interest up.
  4. Remember there’s no such thing as a bad workout.
  5. Don’t be afraid of strength training. It can boost your metabolism and sculpt the body.
  6. Create a new playlist. Listening to music aids your exercise performance. 
  7. Enjoy sleep tonight. Get at least seven hours. Energy in the day helps your mind and body.
  8. Aim to exercise in the morning if possible to avoid the temptation to skip it. 
  9. All good fitness experts agree that breakfast is important. Eat it. 
  10. Be guided by the 80/20 food rule. Indulge 20 percent of the time and keep the rest healthy.
  11. Don’t DIET but EDIT the way you eat for life. 
  12. Popcorn is a tasty snack alternative to crisps.
  13. Caffeine isn’t the only way to keep alert. Try peppermint tea as a pick me up.
  14. Exercise increases bone density challenging your skeleton as well as your muscles.
  15. Reward your body with a non food item like a new hair cut.
  16. Stay accountable with a workout plan and a fitness buddy.
  17. Why not try working out with one of our Personal Trainers to keep on track?
  18. You can do it! A 30 minute workout is just two percent of your day.
  19. Be happy to start slow. It’s better than doing nothing! 
  20. Four weeks of consistent exercise is what it takes to see change. Keep going!