Have you ever considered if it matters what to eat before and after you exercise? Here’s our recipe to success when it comes to exercise.

At it’s most primary function food is designed to fuel our bodies and in the same way that a petrol vehicle doesn’t run on diesel it’s important to take care with what we put into our bodies to keep us healthy and moving. 

Yes, it’s true that you could continue with you current diet and still exercise in the usual way but understanding food will help you to improve your workout performance and recovery. 

What to eat pre work out

Carbohydrates are brilliant for energy. It’s a good idea to have a combination of simple and complex carbs to provide slow release energy. Simple carbs are easier for the body to break down for a fast burst of energy. That’s why eating these along raises blood sugar levels. Good choices are fruit and milk but processed foods and sweets can be unhelpful to a maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Complex work in the opposite way. Starchy foods like wholegrain are made up of long chains of molecules which needs a greater effort for the gut to breakdown.

An example of what to eat therefore is wholemeal toast (a complex carb), topped with a sliced banana (a simple carb). You could even add a smear of peanut butter. 

What to eat post workout

You’ve given your body the energy to power through a workout so now it’s about rest and repair. 

A meal we suggest is grilled meat or fish with oven roasted vegetables. The protein will satisfy your hunger. It’s also helpful in the repairing and building of muscle after exercise. The vegetables will give flavour and nutrition through fibre and vitamins. 

What should I drink?

There are a range of energy drinks and protein drinks on the market but pure and simply water is always best. When you exercise you sweat therefore it’s important to replenish what’s been lost. For further details on the benefits of staying hydrated, read our blog. Alternative products and recommendations like chocolate milk, coconut water which you may have heard about on the internet are targeted to intense exercise sessions. With a balanced meal plan and plenty of water to drink you’ll have everything you need to power through.