Over the next 40 days we’ll be revealing a new set of daily Acresfield Lifestyle Challenges. Join in and try something new. The aim is to help you to invest in your mindfulness, body, fitness and sense of adventure. We’d love to hear how your are getting on. Visit us on Facebook to let us know. We’ll also be revelling how our staff team are finding the challenges so be sure to check back with us on our profile. #Acresfieldlife   

Post update: Hi everyone, how did you get on with the challenges? We hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did. As you can see the complete list is now here. Do keep up the good work and be inspired to chase something new. From the Acresfield team.

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Day 1

Challenge 1

Try a new hair style: Our Hair Stylists can consult you on the latest trends and colours. 

Day 2

Challenge 2

Try ditching transport: Walking is a great form of exercise. Opt for it instead of commuting short journeys. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day.

Day 3

Challenge 3

Try kindness: Acts of goodwill like opening doors for people will make them and you feel positive.

Day 4

Challenge 4

Try audiobooks: Listening to a story is a fantastic way to keep your mind engaged while away from the TV. Try it next time you go out.

Day 5

Challenge 5

Try Kefir: A fermented drink that’s said to be good for the gut. It’s a global food trend for 2019.

Day 6

Challenge 6

Try a digital detox: Resit the urge to consult your phone when dining, in front of the tv, in bed and in social gatherings.

Day 7

Challenge 7

Try loose leaf tea: Ditch the tea bags and help the environment. Enjoy at the Bistro today.

Day 8

Try decoupage: An excellent starter craft.

Day 9

Try bringing a friend: Working out with a buddy is a strong motivator, and fun. Ask Reception about our Guest Passes.

Day 10

Try a mindful walk: Next time you go walking pick up and recycle any plastic litter that you find.

Day 11

Try reading food labels: You may be surprised about what you’re eating!

Day 12

Try working your core: See a Fitness Instructor for guidance.

Day 13

Try snacking on seeds and nuts: A good way to fill up on healthy proteins and fats.

Day 14

Try cleansing: It really is good for your skin. Ask at the Spa for recommendations.

Day 15

Try switching to glass bottles: Help save our oceans and marine life.

Day 16

Try skin protection while swimming: delilah underwear primer helps to prevent skin damage in the pool.

Day 17

Try exercising during ad breaks: A great way to get a quick hit of cardio.

Day 18

Try colouring in: It’s not just for kids, and it helps reduce stress.

Day 19

Try night time hydration: Neroli Amara Night Balm does just this. Available at the Spa.

Day 20

Try Pilates: Improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Classes on Mondays 1pm and Wednesdays 12.30pm.

Day 21

Try decluttering your home: Marie Kondo has plenty of tips and a popular Netflix show on this. 

Day 22

Try Pilates: Improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Classes on Mondays 1pm and Wednesdays 12.30pm.

Day 23

Try JOMO: Joy of Missing Out is a new movement that encourages resisting your phone when dining, in front of the tv, in bed and in social gatherings.

Day 24

Try vegan food: That is, if you haven’t already!

Day 25

Try a quick shower to save water: New Decleor shower gels will give luxury cleaning in no time. 

Day 26

Try five gym days: Even 30 minutes a day will get you focussed and help to maintain your weight and body tone. 

Day 27

Try visiting your local library: A great way to save money, support your local community and meet people. 

Day 28

Try positive feedback: It’s all too easy to share the negative and not the good. It’s sure to raise a smile!

Day 29

Try HD Brows: Ditch the make up with this long lasting and dramatic treatment.

Day 30

Try smart jewellery: Fashionable tech that helps to keep your fitness on track.

Day 31

Try volunteering: Using your spare time to learn new skills and help others. 

Day 32

Try HIIT: It’s a 2019 World Fitness Trend. This high intensity exercise is available to book at Acresfield.

Day 33

Try clean sleeping: Obliterate all sources of light from your bedroom.

Day 34

Try good posture: The opposite can lead to long term health complaints. 

Day 35

Try giving blood: It’s a simple cost free way to help save lives.

Day 36

Try rowing: The rower at our Gym gives an authentic experience and it combines strength and cardio training.

Day 37

Try your local farm shop: We have Bradshaws just down the road. 

Day 38

Try the Empathy Effect: A program developed to improve listening skills at home and work.

Day 39

Try meditation: Take some time away to absorb peace and quite and relax your thoughts. We recommend Allumi products to guide your mood. They’re available at the Spa.

Day 40

Try a pen friend: Instead of calling or texting try writing to your friends with pen and paper.