Helen B, Spa Manager, at Acresfield Health Club & Spa is here to tell you first hand why she adores Decléor skincare so much. She been working with this globally reputed essential oils specialist for years and would love for you all to adore it as much as she does. In her own words, she explains the reasons behind her long term love affair with the brand and why it’s a must-have choice for visitors to Acresfield’s Spa.

This March I have been on Decléor’s Anti-ageing Facial Course and also learning all about Bamboo Massage, ready to bring these experiences and know-how to Acresfield. Whilst on the training, I was asked how long I have worked with Decléor. I started in my first ever Decléor salon in 2002! I then trained with them in 2005 and being asked the question really made me think about why I have worked with the brand for so long. I really wanted to write this blog to be able to take you through everything we learn on training so that you can get to love it as much as I do.

A little bit about Decléor

Decléor is a results driven brand that really focuses on using the best ingredients from the best possible source to maximise your results. Decléor uses pure essential oils that are able to penetrate to the subcutaneous layer (base layer) of the skin, treating the skin of the future, not only your skin of today.

Decléor are passionate about using as close to 100% natural ingredients as possible. Recently changing their packaging to ensure they are as recyclable as possible, therefore being more eco-friendly.

There is much that I could say on Decléor, so I am looking forward to dedicating a series of blog post to why the brand is so good and how you can benefit from it. But for now…

Some advice on skin care products


We have all heard of serums but Decléor’s serums are actually pure essential oils. It’s these oils that will treat your future skin. I’d recommend using Aromessence Face Serums, which are available from our Spa.

Night balm

A night balm is designed to drip feed your skin throughout the night. Honestly, you will feel the difference after just one night! Make sure that you don’t use alot and warm it in your hands before applying. A little goes a long way. Use a garden pea-size amount.

Eye cream

You must treat the skin around your eyes like it is crete paper. It is so delicate. Tap your eye cream on with your ring finger as it has the lightest touch. Only apply around your eye socket, not over your eye lid or right under your eyes.

Facial moisturiser

When applying your moistuiser, apply in upwards motions. Don’t help gravity by pushing downwards, and don’t forget your neck.


Be sure to exfoliate once or twice a week. Your skin cells renew roughly every 28 days so removing dead cells is important. Don’t waste your moistuiser by moisturising dead skin cells! Read our blog post on exfoliation for an in depth guide.