You may think that a facial is something you should have only as a luxury or every once in a while, but the reality is that having regular facials provides multiple benefits.

The advantages of having regular facial routine are endless, but just to name a few, stress relieving, reduces anxiety levels, uplifts your mood, works on your particular skin care concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, dehydration, breakouts and many more. Yes please!

Another reason why you should have regular facials is the expert advice that’s tailored to your skin. Your skin is constantly working and changing so even if you feel that your skin’s pretty good right now, it’s worth taking care of the skin of your future. Everyone needs hydration and sun protection, for example.

The reason your therapist is good for you

Think of your spa therapist as a personal trainer for your skin. They can help you to achieve the improvements you want to see from your skin, with instant results and long term improvements.

Often when you’re trying to buy skin care products you are bombarded with different items and routines, so it’s hard to get the combination right. Do you really know your serums from your toner? Let us do the work for you! We will break it down to an easy skin care routine that suits your lifestyle, whether you have five minutes to get ready or 25.
What’s more, facials are good for much more than your skin. A regular facial routine can improve both your physical and mental well being.

With a Decléor Facial, we treat more than just your face. Each 75 minute facial includes a back diagnostic massage, hand and arm massage and of course your face, neck and décolleté too.

Can’t make it to the Spa this week?

We’d love for you to be able to book facials regularly as much more than a treat but also want to be able to equip you with the right products, techniques and knowledge to take care of your skin at home.

That’s why on May 2nd we have invited a skin therapist from Decléor to join us in hosting a Decléor Master Class. You’ll give yourself a professional quality facial on the night as well as being treated to some exclusive offers from us! For more information, please click here.

Words by Sian from the Spa Team