Getting to know which is your body type will help weight loss potential. Everyone’s body is obviously unique, but as a general rule they can be categorised into three primary types.  

Body composition should be focussed on, as opposed to weight loss. Seeing a change in your body shape is a better indicator of progress and more up lifting than watching your weight on the scales changes from day to day up or down. 

Ladies, also please remember that women naturally have more fat than men, this is to protect vital organs. 

There are three different body types:


The body type ectomorph is the most resistant to weight gain because of the fast metabolism. The ectomorphs are able to overheat which results in little and no weight gain. People with this body type tend to have a small frame, lightly muscled and very little visible fat. Those who have this body type find it difficult to put on muscle mass. When training they usually focus on power and resistance training to help build muscle.

To maximise body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as an ectomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate protein intake.


The people with a mesomorph body type find it easy to loose and gain weight, build muscle fast and usually have an upright posture. A mesomorph body type has a long torso and short limbs. Most mesomorphs excel in explosive sports that need power and speed. The reason for this talent lies in the type of muscle mesomorphs possess. Mesomorphs have a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibres and will gain muscle mass more quickly than any other body type. Basically your genetic makeup suits power and strength. For training, focus on moderate endurance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and plyometrics.

To maximise body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as a mesomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate carbohydrates and consider timing your protein and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) intake.


Unfortunately endomorph body types find it more difficult to keep an eye on their body fat because endomorphs tend to have curvy fuller figures. The most difficult challenge for endomorphs is perhaps to find out that they are in fact an endomorph. As an endomorph you are likely to gain weight very easily.

If your metabolism is sluggish, you need to eat the right foods that will fire up your metabolism. Training-wise, high-intensity activities such as HIIT and Circuit Blast are great, as are weight training and moderate endurance training. As an endomorph, eat good-quality fats and protein and limit your carbohydrate intake to maximise body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) and to control insulin and blood sugar.

However some people can be both or all three. This happens when a body shape is slim and small at the top and legs and hips are chunky. Alternatively with hard work, determination and consistency you can change your body type from endomorph to mesomorph or from ectomorph to mesomorph.

Written by Alice Peat from the Fitness Team