The summer is a great time for fun in the sun. Make sure that you get to enjoy it by caring for your skin. It takes little to no effort to protect your skin against damaging solar rays so you can have a carefree time both at home and away.

Decléor Aroma Sun Expert is available at the Spa in SPF (sun protection factor) 30 to 50 and can be used on the face and body to protect against skin damage and wrinkles for anti ageing. It’s the first line in protection against the sun this summer. There’s a few other tips that we have for you though. Make sure that you know how to be completely sun safe.

Know how to keep safe in the sun

Wear the right clothing

Always cover up with loose cool clothing. White is a good colour choice as it helps to deflect the sunlight. A hat and sunglasses are also a must for hot days. Just remember to apply your sun lotion too!

Watch the time

UV rays are strongest from midday so be careful to plan your day according to the clock, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Follow the instructions

Apply your sun cream regularly. Particularly when swimming and always choose SPF 30 and upwards. Anything less will not protect your skin effectively.

How to treat sunburn

Well obviously if you follow our advice we hope you will avoid the dreaded sunburn, yet it can happen! Be sure to moisturise with a soothing lotion. Products with aloe vera work wonders. Next, keep your skin cool to dampen the burning. Avoid hot showers and try and anti inflammatory form of pain relief if needed. Finally, keep your skin well covered with loose clothing to avoid discomfort and further sun exposure.

Further advice on sun safety can be found on the NHS website here.