We say waxing, you say ouch! Right? Well, what if we told you there is a hair removal technique that’s so gentle that it works on even the most sensitive body parts and is reputed for being virtually pain-free? Introducing Lycon hot waxing. The results are so impressive that we’ve been convinced to add it to our professional range of beauty treatments at the Spa.

What is Lycon?

Lycon is the world leader in waxing technologies. It’s renowned for being the most pain free waxing system on the market. And is kind even to sensitive skin! The hot wax at Acresfield Spa boasts new generation resins, aromatherapy and Titanium Dioxide, which allows this treatment to deliver a seriously smooth finish. It’s also gluten-free, vegan-friendly and cruel-free.

How does Lycon waxing work?

At Acresfield Lycotec Hot Wax is used for Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. It acts as a shrink warp to remove coarse stubborn hair, as short as 1mm, effortlessly. It’s the perfect choice for delicate areas.

The wax, when gently heated, becomes ultra-pliable so that it will not break on removal. The wax gives a pleasant warmth against your skin.

Each wax nurtures and conditions your skin for extra comfort.

What’s the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood waxing?

Brazilian waxing explained: The Brazilian is used to describe the removal of intimate body hair. If you were to wear a bikini then the Brazilian would leave you with a hair-free look. Basically, the hair that may otherwise be seen if wearing swimwear is removed. A great way to feel smooth and confident without being completely bare.

Hollywood waxing explained: While a Brazilian wax leaves some hair, a Hollywood removes all hair completely.

Remember – Our Spa Therapists are all women and professionally trained so you can feel relaxed during your treatment and leave happy!