Start the day right with Anthony’s breakfast smoothie packed with vitamin C. This simple beverage is not only easy to make but good for you. It’s deal for helping you to feel energised before or after a gym session or any workout at home.


Calories = 323

Carbs = 55g

Fat = 4g

Protein = 17g

Smoothie ingredients 

100ml Semi skimmed milk

100g Protein yogurt 

100g Banana 

100g Frozen berries 

200g Strawberries 

This energy boosting smoothie is perfect if you’re looking for a pick me up. With immune system boosting properties it’s a winner! To make, simply pop all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

Bananas are great in any variety of drink for giving added natural sweetness and thickness. Frozen fruit will also added a refreshing cool. What’s more it’s a great way to use fruit which would otherwise go to waste. Simply place any surplus fruit that you have at home into the freezer using freezer bags and pre-cut with stalks/seeds removed.

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