Regularly using a body scrub will help to give your skin a more youthful and vibrant glow. As the scrub is massaged over your body the exfoliating granules help to slough away dead skin cells. 

A build-up of dead skin cells can cause clogged pores, resulting in body acne, discolouration and/or in-grown hairs. Removing dead skin cells can help to prevent these side effects and it improves the skin’s ability to soak up moisturisers, resulting in smoother skin. 

As the rubbing action helps to boost circulation it also helps to drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Body scrub should be used two to three times a week.

Reasons to exfoliate:

  • Essential for maintaining healthy, smooth skin
  • The skin cells regularly shed and reveal healthier skin underneath. This turnover process slows as we get older. Give it a nudge, and reach for the scrub!
  • Calming scents from the scrub and textures aid relaxation to help to lift your mood and influence your outlook as you continue your day into the evening

Use exfoliating to:

  • Get your circulation pumping
  • Awaken your body
  • Endorse hydration
  • Banishes blemishes
  • Prepare the skin for waxing
  • Leave your skin glowing

Most scrubs contain a moisturising element, such as olive oil. Using a body scrub regularly will help your skin to look more vibrant and youthful.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Look after it and it will look after you. To see our full range of body treatments at the Spa, click here. Why not treat yourself to our Decleor Fruit Seeds scrub? This treatment will leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.