Music is a motivator

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If you’re anything like me, you probably find it really hard to work out without having music. I could never do a workout in silence, it just can’t be done. Most people I know have music to push them though the workout. That one absolute tune really boosts you to JUST DO IT! I think [...]

Why water is more important than you think

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Water is a nutrient that can be easily overlooked, but is arguably one of the most important nutrients our body needs to survive. Without water, our body would only be able to survive a few days, this is because our body is around 60% water. • All the chemical reactions that occur in our body [...]



Smart fitness At Acresfield you can exercise with the latest Artis range by Technogym. One of the few places chosen to give this exciting collection its debut. Technogym is the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturer of gym equipment. Based in Italy, they have provided training [...]

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