How to remove nail gel

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In order to protect your nails against damage your beauty therapist can professionally remove your acrylic nails and nail gel but if you should need to find a one-off at home solution then we recommend you use the following five steps. Buff/file the top layer of the gel. Shortening the nail first will make this [...]

Is there such a thing as pain free waxing?

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We say waxing, you say ouch! Right? Well, what if we told you there is a hair removal technique that's so gentle that it works on even the most sensitive body parts and is reputed for being virtually pain-free? Introducing Lycon hot waxing. The results are so impressive that we've been convinced to add it [...]

Axxium nails by OPI explained and compared

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The team at Acresfield Spa are thrilled to be welcoming Axxium nail hard gel by OPI to our range of beauty treatments. Extensive training has been carried out so that we can deliver this stunning nail treatment with flawless, maximum results. We would like to take a few minutes to explain what exactly Axxium nails are [...]

Here’s why your facial routine is lacking!

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You may think that a facial is something you should have only as a luxury or every once in a while, but the reality is that having regular facials provides multiple benefits. The advantages of having regular facials are endless, but just to name just a few, stress relieving, reduces anxiety levels, uplifts your mood, [...]