Fitness classes resume and more

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We're sure that you're aware that the Government has given the green light for more restrictions to be eased from Monday, May 17th. This means that we can bring to you greater access to our facilities and typical services. Fitness classes and sports Fitness classes at the Arena resume on Monday and booking is now [...]

Community in fitness and why it’s important

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A community opens doors to support networks, motivation from peers and sharing experiences.   We are social creatures and many of us like to feel part of something. To feel a sense of belonging. Everyone’s health and fitness journey is individual, fitness goals are a personal thing. But we are all in it together. Our [...]

Why water is more important than you think

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Water is a nutrient that can be easily overlooked, but is arguably one of the most important nutrients our body needs to survive. Without water, our body would only be able to survive a few days, this is because our body is around 60% water. • All the chemical reactions that occur in our body [...]

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